Types of Camera bags

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Camera bags or Camera Backpacks are more durable than any other traditional backpacks or purses. These are added with more compartments and fasteners to make your accessories comfortable to carry. Choosing the right camera backpacks to fit your photography equipment is crucial to make sure your camera and its accessories are protected.Camera bags can come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate photography equipment. Camera Bags provides easily accessible compartments that make it easy to carry all photography gear. The importance of camera bags is to protect the camera accessories and equipment from surface damage by dust or moisture.

Types of Camera Bags:

There are two basic categories for camera bags:

  • Compact point and shoot camera bags
  • SLR cameras and lenses bags

Compact camera cases:

Compact camera cases are small enough to hold a small camera like digital cameras. The case has closed-cell foam styles with surfaces covered by nylon or polyester materials. They are just like a protector with additional pads and easy open-close via zipping. Some of the camera cases may have small compartments to keep SD memory cards. The Compact camera cases are also designed as molded cases by Nylon and leather, which look more stylish.

Larger SLR Camera Cases:

You can also use larger SLR camera cases for a small camera and its accessories as well. The larger SLR camera cases are designed with hard nylon or polyester material. They are equally padded with closed-cell foam. There will be adjustable internal dividers that can accommodate a large range of camera equipment.

The larger size of SLR camera cases comes with many subtypes. Most professional photographers carry a minimum of three bags with the below combinations. High-quality and professional camera bags are necessary for the professional photographer, and they prefer the design and style.

  • Rectangular camera bags
  • Triangular camera bags
  • Backpacks camera bags
  • Fannypacks camera bags

Rectangular Camera Bags

Rectangular bags are used in multipurpose ways. It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It has a unique and compact design where you can easily carry the camcorder by adjusting the internal dividers. Rectangular bags also have multiple pockets for accessories to place a limited number of lenses and batteries.

Triangular Camera Bags

Triangular bags are designed to keep SLR camera lenses and other accessories specifically. Triangular bags have additional sections where you can keep flash and batteries. Triangular bags come with a shoulder strap, belt loop, and top handle for multiple carrying options.

Fanny Packs or Waist Packs

Fanny packs are handy during hiking. Fanny packs are also called waist packs, and they can be used as additional pouch bags along with shoulder bags. Fannypacks are easily accessible via overlap zipper. It has two detachable side cases for extra lenses. They play an important role during shooting by quickly changing the lense and keeping the other lense safely.

Backpack Camera Bags | Backpacks for DSLR Camera

Backpacks are the most convenient camera bags for those who prefer to take the load on their shoulder. Backpacks are contained a large capacity of packets, and they can fit all needed camera accessories. Backpacks are specially designed to carry a minimum of two SLR lenses, flashlights, connectors, accessories. Backpacks have separate compartments to keep each camera accessory safe from Rain and Dust. They have multiple pockets inside and outside as well. Backpacks provide the best protection against moisture and dust. It had a high-tech suspension system to protect from all weather conditions.

Lens Bags

Lens bags are uniquely designed specifically to keep all sizes of lenses.

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