TRAVEL POINT Hiking Backpack (Black, 65 L)

- 75% TRAVEL POINT Hiking Backpack (Black, 65 L)
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TRAVEL POINT Hiking Backpack (Black, 65 L)
TRAVEL POINT Hiking Backpack (Black, 65 L)


ENDURING & LONG LASTING: This trekking backpack bag is made up of highly durable material, which makes it suitable for all weather conditions including heavy rains and extreme scorching heat. It will not only keep the inside stuff safe but will also resist damage to itself.
SMART & TRENDY LOOKS: This Large 75 x 33 x 25 Cm rucksack bag is smart, trendy and stylish in looks. The multipurpose rucksack bacpack looks smart, athletic and venturesome and the blend of grey and red makes it appear exquisite. Your hiking trips, mountaineering experience cannot get completed without this amazing trekking backpack.
WATER RESISTANT: These bags are waterproof which makes them apt for surviving in heat, rain, and other extreme situations. Water-resistance also helps in stretching out the life span of these backpack bags
Lining Description: Polyurethane; Age Range Description: Adult