Gift for Wife Devil Will CRY Strongest Pepper Spray for SELF Defence

Gift for Wife Devil Will CRY Strongest Pepper Spray for SELF Defence
Gift for Wife Devil Will CRY Strongest Pepper Spray for SELF Defence


#1 Recognized Brand in Safety and Security. 100% Quality Tested Product You can Rely On. Made under “Make in INDIA”.Uses International Japanese formula. Extended nozzle tech guarantees accurate fire on target. Exclusive design and branding Only brand to have direct customer support. Extra strong “DEVIL WILL CRY” is the strongest self-defence formula in the “WORLD”. “DEVIL WILL CRY” self defence spray This is a highly effective spray against attackers. It acts into eyes, nose, taste buds and skin when sprayed on face and makes the attacker disarmed. The tear agent causes tears to fall and eyes to remain shut. High pressure container fires upto 3 meters keeping the user safe. When people hear about assaults and other attacks on the news, it’s easy to feel sympathy but think, “That will never happen to me.” The reality is that people are victims of different types of attacks every single day, and no one ever sees it coming. One of the best things to do to proactively prepare for this situation is purchase and carry self defense spray. ​ DWC is highly effective, whether the attacker is a person attempting to steal a purse, a robber trying to gain entry into a home, or even a wild animal on the chase. The pepper spray safety device gets its name because it contains oleoresin capsicum, which is an oil derivative of hot peppers. When the spray makes contact with an assailant, it is non-lethal but it does affect their entire respiratory system. Their eyes tear excessively, their nose runs constantly, they may experience difficulty breathing, and may even have temporary blindness. This reaction from the attacker allows the victim enough time to escape to safety, which can literally be the difference between life and death. ​ Devil Will Cry, based in Noida, UP, India, carries a range of pepper sprays in various strengths, and all can conveniently be carried in a purse, backpack, pocket, or even attached to a key ring. Self defense spray is typically effective from 6-15 feet.

It has premium pump to fire accurately on multiple target. 10 times more powerful than other pepper sprays
This is not just a pepper spray. It’s all in one solution to fight crime. 100% lab tested for surety.
Can be used to repel wild animals in case of emergency “DEVIL WILL CRY” is the only self-defence spray in INDIA that is 100% tested and verified by GETSUGA.
Perfect gift for safety of your wife