Cloth Fusion Neckron Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow (Pink)

- 64% Cloth Fusion Neckron Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow (Pink)
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Cloth Fusion Neckron Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow (Pink)
Cloth Fusion Neckron Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow (Pink)


Product Description

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Welcome to the world of Cloth Fusion – a place where premium quality and great value go hand in hand. Every Cloth Fusion product is carefully built to deliver exceptional quality. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements, quality is at the core of everything we do. Cloth Fusion cares the diverse requirements of the customers by offering premium grade and excellent product range in home decor. So, whether it’s antique or stylish it is your choice. You can have the Premium quality products and designs.

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Natural latex nature treasure
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Dry and breathable
360* bearing design and comfortable
Feel the shoulders and neck
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Cloth Fusion Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The best pillow for travel

CLOTH FUSION Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow is specifically designed in such a way that it has just the right softness to provide the most comfortable support for your neck. Why is this such a desirable feature? The answer is that you want to be able to adjust the thickness based on your sitting positions. For example, if you sit relatively straight, you want to be able to reduce the thickness, so it will not push your head forward to the point that puts too much stress on your neck.

Provide maximum support to head neck and shoulder.

Ideal for sleep or relaxation during travel.

Offers one of finest memory foam pillow which provides ultimate rest while traveling.

memory foammemory foam

Memory foam Insert

Cloth Fusion Neck pillows offers the support and pressure relief of memory foam for a more comfortable temperature. A ventilated design improves air circulation through the pillow.

memory foam pillowmemory foam pillow

Removable zipper cover

Pillow cover is detachable and made using soft velveteen touch fabric with an organic stretch to fit the pillow snugly around the curves and bends. Pillow has a zipper closure, so you can easily remove the cover and wash it, when needed. The cover is hand and machine washable.

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Easy to carry

Cloth Fusion Memory Foam Pillow comes with a button closures so that you can easily tie it and carry along with your suitcase, cabin bag or luggage without taking up extra space. Great for travel or use for neck support anywhere you like.

Contents & Size : 1 Travel Pillow & 11 x 11 x 3.8 Inches.
Color: Pink, Shaped: U
Great for travel or use for neck support anywhere you like.
Care: Do not hand wash or use machine, Outer Cover can be removable and washable.