Clay Diwali Diyas Set of 2 pics (Multi)

- 46% Clay Diwali Diyas Set of 2 pics (Multi)
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Clay Diwali Diyas Set of 2 pics (Multi)
Clay Diwali Diyas Set of 2 pics (Multi)


OM CRAFT VILLA Presents Traditional terracotta diyas (earthen lamps) beautifully painted & decorated using best quality acrylic colors, micro-fine glitter granules and sparkling beads & stones in different shapes and colors according to the design of the diya. Colours are used in harmony to depict the spirit of the festival. These terracotta diyas are painted initially with geru (red earth) considered auspicious, therefore used at home temples for your daily prayers and majorly used as home decorations at times of Indian festivals (like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durgapuja and Diwali specially). As you illuminate these diyas all together in combinations or repetition, it gives an awesome array of lights. Can be used to enhance Rangoli designs and as containers for gifting candies or chocolates at occasions. You need an aluminium foil shaped or scented candles for its iterative usage or use a cotton wick and oil to lamp it. Contains : Diya With Free Cotton Wicks. Uses : § Decoration For Home § Puja § Diwali Decorations § Rongali Decorations § Room Decorations § Tea light § Candle light Dinner Packaging: You Receive It In A Beautiful Gift Pack. You Can Gift it As A Diwali Gift To your Family And Friends.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Each package contains set of 2
Diwali Diya in a Beautiful Gift Pack
Pooja, All Festival | Handmade
Festival-Occation : Navratra, Diwali, Christmas, Home Pooja, Aarti Pooja, Temple