DSLR Camera Maintainance and cleaning tips

The DSLR camera is sensitive to air particles, and it can easily be affected when it is not maintained correctly. The dust and dirt particles are the culprits that can affect the functionality of your camera. It is essential to have some cleaning tools with you all the time to maintain your camera timely. There are specific maintenance tools that you need to keep along with your Camera.

Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

Camera lens is the heart of the camera and this is the most sensitive part as well. The lens front panel is exposed to open air when camera is in use. The camera lens easily obsorbe the dust particles and setteled on the lens surface. This will definately affect the picture quality.

To clean the camera lens, you need to have a camera cleaning kit. The camera cleaning kit has many useful tools like a Hand air blower, clean lens solution, wipes, cleaning cloths. There is a cleaning pen with a retractable soft brush on one end and a soft cleaning pad to remove fingerprints and smudges. The Lens brush is used for sweeping away dust from a camera or lens. The air blower is used for removing dirt from a camera body, lens, mirror, or DSLR sensor.

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Camera cleaning wipes

The camera cleaning wipes are also used to wipe the camera lens to remove the dust particles from the lens surface. You can also use the wipes to clean the camera body and other accessories as well.

Camera Cleaning Solution

This is an alternate way of cleaning the camera lens using a camera cleaning solution. You need to spray the solution on the camera lens and use the camera cleaning cloths to wipe the lens.

Silica Packs

silica gel is a dry solid that absorbs and holds water vapor. Due to the seasonal effect, if there any moisture accumulated in your bag will be absorbed by silica gel packs. You need to keep a silica pack in each compartment of your camera bag so that moisture is absorbed as soon as it vaporized.